Vanda coerulea hybrid orchid seedling | XS | 7cm



Vanda coerulea hybrid (Lilac Vanda)

For sale is a small seedling (much like photos 2-4) produced in New Zealand from the Vanda flower seen in the first photograph. It will grow into a upright habit with few to no branches, and large narrow leaves with a v shape in cross section.

If grown well, in a couple of years when it flowers they be very large and will be lilac in colour. This seedling is in a 7cm plastic nursery cup. Please note that the seedling received may vary from the one shown here, but will be similar in size.

The plant requires a shallow, very free draining media, allowing for drying between waterings, unless attached to punga or wood, in which case it will need daily misting. Prefers good ventilation but high humidity and strong indirect light. Feed fortnightly in summer and monthly in winter.

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Please note we currently do not have any Ceramic Pots available in this size sorry.


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