Frequently asked questions:

Here are a range of questions that may help you in regard to the ordering process-

When can I expect my order to be delivered by?

All orders are delivered between approximately 10:30am and 3pm daily, Monday to Saturday.  We cannot guarantee exact delivery times but it is very rare for deliveries to be made after 3pm. We will try to contact you if there is any reason that your order will be outside of these times.

Can I contact you by phone?

We keep our prices affordable by offering a streamlined web based service.  This means that we are not often available to take orders by phone, and we pride ourselves on having a safe, secure and easy to use website.  The best way to contact us is by email, and if you want an update on your order you can text us on 02102795505 for a quicker response.

Do you accept orders by phone?

Not usually, as we are often not available to answer calls, but it is very easy to place an order online.

What if I am experiencing problems on the website?

Please email or text us with any issues and we will provide help asap.

What are you payment options?

If you are in NZ you can select bank transfer (allowing time for the transfer to be completed) or Debit or Credit Card payment by Visa or MasterCard. International orders can be placed used Debit or Credit Card payment (please note that we cannot accept AMEX).  PartPay is also available for 4 x interest free payments of 25% (terms and conditions apply). Alternatively Paypal invoices can be arranged with 12-24 hours notice also.

Will you send me a photo of the order?

Yes, we always send our customer a photo of the item that is delivered if it is going to another person on your behalf, unless you specify that you don’t require one.  This is a completely free service that we offer.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver within Hamilton City, New Zealand. We also deliver to the rural areas of Newstead, Matangi, and Tamahere, as we are based in Newstead. There is no extra delivery fee to these areas. Our delivery zones are based on the postcode area. Please contact us with any queries regarding delivery.

Do you accept pick ups? 

No we don’t. If you are able to give us a time frame for when you are home, or organise delivery to a work address, we will try to accommodate you where possible, within our delivery times.

What happens if the person you deliver to isn’t home?

We have a policy to leave orders on the doorstep at the address, or in a place instructed by you.  We will always attempt to place your order in the safest spot we can, and under shelter / out of the sun where possible. We also send an email to let you know when it’s been delivered.

What happens if I gave you the wrong address?

If we haven’t yet completed the delivery we may be able to re-deliver to the correct address.  If the order has been delivered it is out of our control.

What happens if the order is going to the hospital?

Usually all of our hospital deliveries are completed between 11am and 2pm.  They are delivered to the hospital mail room and the staff at the hospital will take them to the patient.  We can not accept any responsibility for orders that are in the hospital system if the patient is discharged / sent home.  Unfortunately in these cases the order will need to be collected by family or friends.  We recommend that you check when a patient is likely to be discharged (when possible) before sending orders to either public or private hospitals.

Are you still offering flower arrangements?

No, we are now focusing solely on providing beautiful, healthy indoor plants to our customers, and loving being able to specialize in this area and work together as a team.