Our new growing venture!

Introducing an extension of our business- our new label ‘Grow’ Plants. For the last couple of years we have been quietly working away in the background to bring you a range of indoor plants- which will also include some rare orchid species, that are grown right here in the Mighty Waikato! We are now offering this range on our website. Please watch this space as we continue to add a larger selection of both plants and pots.

Please search us on Trade me for current plant listings (available to be couriered nation-wide), or shop online at The Little Things for delivery within Hamilton City.

NZ Flower Week: 20-25 November

Here at The Little Things we are constantly trying to promote and utilise buying locally grown flowers. The flowers are fresher, and have usually been subjected to less sprays. We can keep costs down by using less fuel to ship the flowers internationally, and ultimately it helps to support our local NZ economy. When we are not growing our own blooms we are buying from local suppliers, including our favourite Rose grower – Van Lier Nurseries in Auckland.

Thanks for continuing to support NZ flowers and growers through choosing to shop with us!