Philodendron hederaceum ‘Neon’ | S | 10cm



A lovely wee Philodendron Neon. This a such a stunning colour in person. This specimen is in great condition.

These Philodendrons enjoy plenty of light, but take care not to burn the leaves in direct light. They seem to thrive with regular food. They are the Neon version of the gorgeous Philodendron Heartleaf, and not to be confused with the more common Neon Pothos.

Please note that this plant will be delivered/shipped in it’s 10cm size black plastic nursery pot. Please select from one of our 13cm size Ceramic Cover Pots to add one to your order.

Prefers a warmer temperature. High humidity will encourage larger leaves. Likes Bright, indirect light, but can handle lower light also. Soil: Potting mix. Water twice a week in Summer, and once a week in Winter. Fertiliser: Once a month during it’s growing period.

Please note that the plant received will be the individual in the photograph.
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