String of Fish Hooks | 15cm

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{This plant staple, is native to South Africa, where it grows on the ground and forms a vine. Appreciated for its trailing habit it looks awesome in hanging pots or trailing/spilling out of it’s pot on your plant shelf.

This plant comes either in a nursery pot, or in a gorgeous recycled sari jute bag from Trade Aid. Please note that the bag and plant may both vary from the one shown, as they are both one offs. The photo is indicative of the size you will receive. Please select from one of our 15cm Ceramic Pots to add a cover Pot to your order if you prefer.

Likes a warm, humid environment, without draughts. Needs to be positioned out of direct sunlight as the sun will burn it’s leaves, but likes a bright spot. Soil: Likes light, free-draining soil. Allow soil to dry out in between watering.