Peperomia griseoargentea ‘Wavy Gravy’ -10cm



Wavy Gravy is an uncommon and quite sought after Peperomia. This is due to it’s beautiful, unique deep lines on it’s leaves, with an almost crinkled effect, and strong contrasting colours. It is a plant that can be quite hard to find, but just as easy to grow as other Peps. This price includes a 10cm plastic nursery pot. Please note that the ceramic pot is not included. Feel free to select a 10cm ceramic pot to add to your order.

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Quite a hardy plant. Prefers bright, indirect light. Soil: Likes free-draining soil. Allow soil to dry out in between watering, but water regularly. Fertiliser: During growth periods.

Please note that the plant delivered will be the plant shown here.

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