Ctenanthe lubbersiana ‘Golden Mosaic’ | M | 15cm



We are very pleased to be able to offer this gorgeous uncommon Ctenanthe type in a 15cm nursery pot.

In the Calathea / ‘Prayer Plant’ family, it likes humid conditions and for the soil to be kept moist.

This plant has an upright form and striking leaf patterns, that are unique on every leaf. Please note that there is a little bit of browning on the leaf tips on the older leaves.

This plant comes in a 15cm plastic nursery pot. Please feel free to add a 15cm Ceramic Pot to your order from our selection.

Prefers a warmer temperature. High humidity will encourage larger leaves. Likes Bright, indirect light, but can handle lower light also. Usually will throw out more variegation with higher light levels as a rule.

Soil: Free draining soil (like a mix of potting mix and coco perlite).

Please note that the plant received will be the one pictured here.

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